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Hero Factory, Homura Akemi, Kirby, Pokemon, and other favorite fandoms I like to draw or take pics.

:iconremiliascarletplz: :iconakumahomuraplz: :iconmoemuracryplz: :iconzibfacepalmplz: :iconbrachydiosplz: :icontyraelplz: :icondededeplz: :iconzavokthezeti:

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I know how you feel... .:colored:. by DisturbedToxicReapa
I know how you feel... .:colored:.
this is the colored version of that picture.

Pyros is comforting Azalea due to the fact that she lived with her family in an isolated neighborhood.

Azalea (c) :iconwhiteazailia40:
Pyros (c) me.
I know how you feel... by DisturbedToxicReapa
I know how you feel...
This is a picture of Pyros who is comforting Azalea. I indeed am good ai drawing Azalea's Gothic Lolita dress.

Azalea (c) :iconwhiteazailia40:
Pyros (c) me
Zeti OC - Zeos by DisturbedToxicReapa
Zeti OC - Zeos
My new Zeti OC.

Name: Zeos
Title: Dragon King of Fire
Species: Teostra Zeti
Gender: Male
Age: 450
Birthday: July 15
Alignment: Neutral
Powers and abilities: Magnetic field manipulation, ability to control machines, Powder Explosion, Flame Claw, Fire Breath, Supremacy Transformation
Likes: Tacos, Heat, Fire
Dislikes: Water, Cold, Veggies
Loves: Fighting just for honor, his sister Zuna
Hates: evil beings, those who oppresses lesser beings

Personality: Zeos is a fierce Zeti and he fought so hard for his own honor of his people. His savage nature causes him to protect lesser beings including Seedrians. All he loves is heat, fire and tacos. He literally hates Water and cold.

Teostra (c) Capcom
Zeos (c) me
Tagged by :iconduncannuva:

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Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag. 
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10 Facts about me

1.  I got into Hero Factory since Ordeal of Fire

2.  I Like White Kyurem, Brachydios and Stardust Dragon

3.  I love watching Video Game-related things

I LOVE watching stop motion. Someday, I'll come up with a stop motion series of my own.

I enjoy watching new Anime and listening to metal

I like the Zetis and Black Arms. 

I always say something funny.

I play Smash Bros. Halo, and Pokemon.

 I like watching funny movies and stuff.

10.  I am skilled with drawing.

1. Do you like fox? :iconfoxylaplz:

I prefer dogs,and dragons.

2. Which element are you? fire? water? earth? iron? tree? lightning? wind? 


3. What is your favorite character?

Homura Akemi from Madoka Magica, William Furno from Hero Factory, Karn from Magic: the Gathering and Thel 'Vadam from Halo

4. If you see me in real life, what will you do? 

I wanna say hi. :)

5. Do you have any nickname?

Robby, Kai, Kairap, Rob, Toxic and Toxi

6. How many language can you speak?

English, Forerunner, Sangheli, Witch Runes, Phyrexian, Matoran and Agori.

7. Do you want to be protected by the darkness or the light?

The Light will guide me!!

8. Favorite food?

Pizza, Spaghetti and chicken

9. If the world war 3 happen, which country do you want to hide?

I will fight for my people! I am no coward

10. The kind of person are you?

A person with honor and compassion

My questions
1.  Who will win in a fight Rathalos or Seregios?
I think Rathalos will win.

2. What is the sadist thing happened to you?
Seeing Homura Akemi suffer being a witch.

3. What is your favorite Nintendo character of all time?
King Dedede FTW!!!

4. Are you happy about Bionicle's return?
Hell yeah!!

5. Which Sonic villain is your favorite?
Tie between Zavok and Black Doom.

6. What is your favorite soda?
Pepsi. :)

7. Who is you favorite planeswalker?
Karn, Liberated FTW!!

9. Which Soul of the Multiverse fits your Personality?
Soul of New Phyrexia, the divine machine surges within me.

10. Any favorite Pokemon including Legendary?
White Kyurem

Can't find anybody to tag right now.


Robert Schmidt
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I am music loving, MOC building, video gaming Michigander.

I like Hero Factory, Pokemon, Kirby, Smash Bros, Sonic, Touhou, and Yu-Gi-Oh!

I like taking pictures of my MOCs and my plushies. I was in progress of making stop motion(I am practicing doing that.)

My main characters:

Robert Thunder (Hero Factory)
Pyros the Zeti (Sonic (Lost World))
High Ascetic Rig 'Tritos (Halo)
Robert the Mii Gunner (Me in Smash Bros.)

Couples I like:

PyrosxHomura (Magica Quartet and my OC)
DededexSaria (Nintendo and my OC)

I love the following things:

Halo (Sangheili rules)
Yu-Gi-Oh! (Cyber Dragons and Gem-Knights)
Hero Factory (I love the Brain Attack line)
Madoka Magica (mostly Homura Akemi)
Sonic (Zetis and Black Arms)
Bionicle (It's Coming Back in 2015!!)
Kirby (DEDEDE!! :D)
Pokemon (White Kyurem rlz!!)
Magic: The Gathering (Hail New Phyrexia!!!)



My Brother's Account: :icondynvusk:

My Friend in real life: :iconbrokendoll111:
Hero Factory friends:


Sonic and Madoka Magica friends:



Side Accounts


:iconhomuraakemiplz: is one of my fav anime girls.
:iconeliteplz: are my favorite Halo species.
:iconremiliaplz: is my fav Touhou character.
:iconshagarumagaraplz: is my favorite Elder Dragon
:iconbrachydiosplz: is my favorite 3rd gen monster

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Thank You. I run a Cyber Dragon deck. I was making a Tellarknight deck and I an awaiting the Tellarknight cards from The New Challengers and Secrets of Eternity.
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I'm sorry for the poor image quality. And I hope you don't mind me drawing her in a different outfit.
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It's okay. I like it. :)
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