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Hero Factory, Homura Akemi, Kirby, Pokemon, and other favorite fandoms I like to draw or take pics.

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Franky (KI render) by DisturbedToxicReapa
Franky (KI render)
Name: Franky
Species: Zeti/Mobian/Vampire hybrid
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Faction: None, but he allies with Pyros and the others.
Alignment: Neutral/Good
Powers: Magnetic field manipulation, Shadow strike, Bloodlust (Instinct Mode) Splatter of Blood (ULTRA Kill finisher)
Likes: Meat, hunting, His wife Nega Shantae and his daughter Scarlet
Dislikes: His godmother Velvet the Tyrant,


Korey the Hedgehog
Glacius the Alien
Hisako the Ghost Fox

Velvet, his godmother
Fulgore Mk. Z-3
New Ultratech
Kan-Ra the Necro-Edchidna


A half-Zeti from the Lost Hex. He cares for his family which is his wife, Nega Shantae and his daughter, Scarlet and two Chao roomates, Enderochi and Kevin. He met Pyros who fought against a Fulgore Mk. Z-3 robot. He sometimes have a friendly match with him most of a time to train. He hunt and kill just to feed his family.

Franky and Velvet belongs to :iconfreak-frank:
Korey, Enderochi, and Kevin belongs to :iconthegreatpikminzx:
Scarlet belongs to :iconthegreatpikminzx: for :iconfreak-frank:
Nega Shantae belongs to Wayforward
Aganos, Glacius, ARIA, Hisako, and Omen belongs to KI development team
Pyros and Fulgore Mk. Z-3 belongs to me while Fulgore belongs to KI development team.
Black*Gold Saw the Wolf (KI render) by DisturbedToxicReapa
Black*Gold Saw the Wolf (KI render)
Name: Black*Gold Saw the Wolf
Species: Wolf, Other Self
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Faction: Anyone she might be affiliated with
Alignment: Neutral
Powers: Reality Shift (Lost after being crippled by Insane Stella), Teleportation, Regeneration, Fire Edge, Awakened Instinct Mode (Instinct Mode), Death by Torment (ULTRA Kill Finisher)
Likes: Enjoying torturing her peers, Wealth (Hence why she went all out pirate)
Dislikes: Being asked by people for payment, sheer stupidity (She beats up Dead Master with a technique taught by Iron Tager.)

Stella the Cat (although considering herself as rival)
Jerard Kal (she get jobs from him)
Glacius the Alien
Strength the Echidna
Chariot the Fox

Fulgore Mk. Z-3
Insane Stella the Cat
New Ultratech
Makuta Mutran the Revived


Gold Saw was adopted by Dragon Slayer who made her into a sadistic wolf she is now. She later went pirate for an insane amount of wealth. She later allied with Pyros and the other protagonists against New Ultratech.

Gold Saw belongs to huke.

This Mobian variant belongs to :iconevodeus:
Pyros (KI Render) by DisturbedToxicReapa
Pyros (KI Render)
Name: Pyros
Title: "Guardian of Fire"
Alias: Hothead (by Franky), Soul of Omega (by the Solarians),
Species: Zeti/Black Arm hybrid
Age: 200
Gender: Male
Faction: Hand of Alara (leader), Great Creators (as the Soul of Omega)
Alignment: Lawful Good
Powers and abilities: magnetic field manipulation, fire manipulation, fire breath, explosive punch, Starstrike Flare, Sol Spear, Delta Storm, light manipulation, Solara's Starstorm, Burning transformation (Instinct mode), Machine God's Descent (ULTRA Kill finisher)
Likes: Order, peace, hanging out with his friends, 
Dislikes: Tyranny, suffering and death, Chaos, grief

Mu-12 the Seedrian
Black*Gold Saw the Wolf
Valentina the Magical Girl Seedrian
Team Luna
Vincent Valentine/Chaos the Wolf/Demon
Glacius the Alien
Stella the Cat
Hakumen/Shadow the Hedgehog
K Squad of Neo G.U.N.
Neo G.U.N
Jerard Kal
Thel 'Vadam
Covenant Separatists
Solarian and Forerunner residents of Epitaph

Fulgore Mark Z-3
Zavok "King of Chaos"
Makuta Mutran the Revived
Eclipse the Darkling
Insane State Stella the Cat
New UltraTech
Deepground Zeti supersoldiers
Kan-Ra the Necro-Echidna
The Ur-Didact
Black Arms
Beltruliza the Seedrian
Diablo, the Prime Evil
O.N.I Headhunters

Bio: Pyros was originally created by Black Doom as the Black Arms' answer to the Zeti race. But Pyros opposed the Black Arms completely and threw away his Black Arm heritage and chose the path of good. He was founded by the Solarians and their god, Alara the Rayquaza, one of the Great Creators. After Pyros and his allies brought down the Black Arms, leaving only Eclipse and the remaining Dark Arms the last ones alive, they now feared that a new enemy arose from the ruins called New Ultratech (Ultratech's successor) led by the revived Makuta Mutran and ARIA the Robot Hedgehog. He is known of forming a religious mercenary clan reviving order to the universe under the service of one of the Great Creators. He is also referred to be the Soul of a Machine God Omega, the one created by Alara to save all life and safeguard them in a new universe via Super Genesis Wave. He has a strong hatred against the Deadly Six for the Zeti's savage customs.

Pyros, Fulgore Mk. Z-3, Alara  and my version of Omega (c) Me.

Kan-Ra, Fulgore, Glacius belongs to KI development team.
Halo belongs to 343 Industries.
Sonic belongs to Sega.
Black Rock Shooter belongs to huke while the Mobian variants of Stella, Insane Stella and Black Gold Saw belongs to :iconevodeus:
Diablo belongs to Blizzard Entertainment.
Luna belongs to :iconsurgecraft:
Pippy belongs to :icontoxictherabit:
Final Fantasy belongs to Square Enix
K'Dash, Kula Diamond, and Maxima belongs to SNK Playmore. while the Mobian variants belongs to :iconevodeus:
Franky belongs to :iconfreak-frank:
Valentina and Beltruliza belongs to :iconprincessdarkstarx321:
Mu-12 belongs to BlazBlue while her Seedrian form belongs to me.
Jerard Kal belongs to :iconjerard-kal:
Heroes of the Storm is a free to play Blizzard Entertainment game coming in June. If I play the game, I play as Diablo the Prime Evil of Terror.
  • Mood: Alarmed
  • Listening to: Redemption from DoC -FFVII-
  • Reading: Kazumi Magica Vol. 1-3
  • Watching: HotS stuff
  • Playing: Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
  • Eating: Swiss Rolls
  • Drinking: Cola


DisturbedToxicReapa's Profile Picture
Robert Schmidt
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I am music loving, MOC building, video gaming Michigander.

I like Hero Factory, Pokemon, Kirby, Smash Bros, Sonic, Touhou, and Yu-Gi-Oh!

I like taking pictures of my MOCs and my plushies. I was in progress of making stop motion(I am practicing doing that.)

I got back into Bionicle!!

My Sonic OC I ever come up with since I heard about Sonic Lost World on TV and info about Zetis which is a new Sonic species is Pyros and he is part Black Arm and is a first and only Good-aligned Zeti I came up with.

My Hero Factory counterpart is Robert Shock Thunder, Recon Agent. My Bionicle counterpart is a protector of Fire's son, Pyrus.

I love the following things:

:bulletgreen: HERO FACTORY
:bulletred: BIONICLE 2015
:bulletpurple: Madoka Magica
:bulletblue: Sonic
:bulletyellow: Pokemon
:bulletwhite: Halo



What Is Your Emblem?
What Is Your Emblem?
Hosted By Anime

I want everyone to know the Truth. I will never stand lies.


I revere Lady Meyneth as my Protector.


My Brother's Account: :icondynvusk:

My Friend in real life: :iconbrokendoll111:
Hero Factory/Bionicle friends:


Sonic and Madoka Magica friends:


Halo friends:


Side Accounts

Favorite race:

Sangheli (Halo)
Waddle Dee (Kirby)
Forerunner (Halo)
Makuta (Bionicle)
Zeti (Sonic)


Favorite Female Characters:

:bulletgreen: Natalie Breez (Hero Factory)
:bulletpurple: Homura Akemi (Madoka Magica)
:bulletblack: Kazumi (Kazumi Magica)
:bulletred: Ruby Toujo (Rosario+Vampire)
:bulletgreen: Zeena (Sonic)
:bulletblue: Kiina (Bionicle)

Favorite Male Characters

:bulletgray: Thel 'Vadam (Halo)
:bulletred: William Furno (Hero Factory)
:bulletyellow: Mata Nui (Bionicle)
:bulletred: Tahu (Bionicle 2015)
:bulletwhite: Kopaka (Bionicle 2015)
:bulletblack: Death the Kid (Soul Eater)
:bulletwhite: Makuta Krika (Bionicle)
:bulletred: Zavok (Sonic)

魂の刻印散 [Soulbound Breakdown]

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